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If you suffer from painful hands e.g. Arthritis here is a useful tip. Take a new pair of rubber gloves, smother your hands in baby oil, cooking oil will do. Fill the hand basin with water as hot as you can stand, put the gloves on and soak up to the wrists. When you remove […]

Tony, Blenheim.

Annoying insect bites can be calmed by covering liberally with toothpaste! Especially good if they have got red and swollen. I found this tip on the net after trying a lot of other remedies. It works if you persevere with it.

L.M., Wellington.

A good nasal spray is mixing 640 ml of warm water with 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and 1/2 salt. Irrigate [which sounds a little agricultural] nostrils (tip head forward, keep mouth open, pump water up nostril using plastic squeeze bottle) to help relieve sinus symptoms and flush flu virus from your system.


My friend is a chemist. I was moaning about continual mouth ulcers, under my new dentures, (the lower). Instead of very expensive creams etc just put marmite or vegemite on the ulcer, be warned, it stings something awful, but it works.

DBC, Auckland.

I was put onto this mouthwash formula by a customer in our pharmacy. Buy a bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (weakest) from your pharmacy (about $5) and put a capful (approx.1 teaspoon) in small glass of warm water and gargle. It works just as well as expensive Listerine etc and lasts three times as long. […]

Keith, Wanganui.

If you have a sore throat my granny gave me a handed down cure hundreds of yeas old. One level spoon of sulphur and one teaspoon of honey. Mix enough up for three days. After standing the medicine for a good two hours. Take it three times a day by letting it melt whilst going […]

Peg, Whangarei.

For a case of `the trots` grate an apple, leave to go brown, eat, it looks a bit off-putting. Do this several times, after each `trot` Never fails. Cheers keep up the good work.

Jeffro, Te Awamutu.

Conjuntivitus: put a cold teabag on the eye and lie back for a while, (don’t re-use, instead dry for fire lighters). This remedy cured my young son in three days, his cousin was treated with prescription medicine and took three weeks, cousins mother is a doctor and poo pooed the teabags. Works on pets too, […]