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Gathering golf balls

How about gathering golf balls – water traps are the best so put on your wet suit and get into it. But be careful as the tail of one good keen oily ragger from the UK shows. He plunged the depths, retrieving up to 1200 golf balls at a time. At around 50 cents each […]

Natz, Nelson.

I am on a low income and started a coin jar. I only ever took money out for the bus and I just took it to the bank and cashed in (five month later), it turned out to be $309. Just goes to show how quickly it builds up!

V.M, Levin.

If you have time enter online competitions at Also if there’s a competition in the paper or on a chocolate wrapper enter it. I have won loads of stuff over the years. From prams to make up, label clothing and more. Lucky Break and That’s Life are very generous and have sent me cheques […]


Let kids save for their own college fund by encouraging them from a very early age to earn money by getting paid for what they enjoy doing! Our little boy who is now three loves dogs, so we offered to walk the neighbours’ dog for $5 a week. It makes us get out for exercise […]


Take up knitting as a hobby. It’s a great way to better utilize time that would otherwise be wasted in front of the telly. Knitted garments make excellent gifts (like knitted underpants!). You may even find and tourists shops will stock uniquely New Zealand creations.