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Here are some free and fun ideas for the kids on cold, wet days: – Place a drop of food colouring on their tongues. This should entertain them for five minutes or so. – Give them an ice cube in a cup and ask them to melt it. This could occupy them for about 10 […]

Mean Girl, Hastings.

School Holidays… Can’t afford a school holiday programme? Then get together with friends and start your own. If you can only get one day a week off work, then get your mates to do the same thing, (different days), and drop your kids at the appropriate house with their packed lunch. Arrange between yourselves different […]


Recently we wanted to play Happy Families but not having the cards we gathered shoes and distributed them and then had to find the matching one. We each hid behind sofas/chairs in four corners of the room with our little collection and peeped out to ask for the missing shoe we were after. The children […]

Anonymous, Auckland.

RE: dinner parties and BBQ evenings. I have lots of bread for people to eat because it is filling an cheap. Sausages are the main meat which sounds a bit boring but I make it interesting by having different flavours for people to try. For drinks we have lots of water, and large bottles of drink […]

Oily ragged chook, Hawera.

My brother and his wife, along with 2-5 other couples eat out at each others house once a month. They each have a course to prepare and take. For example, they might go to friend #1’s place this month and take entree. Next month, they go to friend 2’s place and take mains. The month […]

Jayne, Christchurch.

We love camping but with not having a fridge I was finding it really hard to keep everything cold in the chilly bin. The slicker pads are good for a picnic for a day but not really for much longer. I have now found a way to keep a chilly bin and contents cold for […]