Monthly Archives: April 2015

Gwen, Rotorua.

I enjoy reading your hints. I have one of my own. To save the inconvenience of losing your keys, simply use a safety pin to fix a spare set to the top of your pants each time you go out – becomes a habit. Also, to remove light mildew from walls wash down with undiluted […]

Gaynor, Kapiti.

When tee shirts etc acquire bleach marks, put a strong bleach solution in a bucket. Immerse the article in this. Keep the item moving continuously to ensure it bleaches evenly. A green tee shirt I bleached evenly is now yellow; a navy cardigan is now a rust colour; a red shirt, now pink & they […]

M.N., Cook Islands.

Greetings from a small island in the Cook islands. I am here for two years on a teaching contract, along with my husband and three year old son. We were oily raggers a bit before we came here, but now we are “devotees” through necessity. Where we live there is only a very limited, expensive […]

B.J., Whangarei.

Because I can save heaps. This gives me money over at the end of each week so I can save as much as I need to to make sure I will have a retirement nest-egg. All of my spare money is going into investments.

J.O. Christchurch.

I get a lot of enjoyment out of using things other people class as rubbish and if I save money by doing so, it’s even better. For years I was on a small wage and I still managed to pay off a $10,000 loan in 3 years. I’m proud of myself and think I am […]


Many years ago I read with delight your Living off the Smell of an oily rag and our family have been leading a very simple life ever since thanks to your wonderful book! After seeing Good Morning recently it reminded me of just how much I have got out of your book and thought it […]

Margaret, Invercargill.

When my children were little and getting scraps and cuts from doing whatever I would crack open an egg on the inside of the shell there a skin you carefully peel of the skin and lay it over the cut or graze etc. The skin of the egg works as a barrier on the skin […]

Jacqui, Blochouse Bay.

Many people can’t afford to buy a slow cooker. I have used my oven, putting the casserole or whatever into the oven in the evening, and turning the temperature on very, very low so that it just “clicks” on. I leave it overnight and wake up to a toasty warm kitchen and a cooked meal. […]