Monthly Archives: May 2015

Frugalite, Hamilton.

Found out from a book written by a beautician that the best thing to wash your hair with is soap! She said the reason most of us need to use conditioners is because of the shampoo we use – they strip hair of their natural oils. Her recommendation was to put soap scraps (or grated […]

Peter Cox, North Shore City.

Who needs shampoo? Not me. I’m a 68 year old male with thinning white hair so when I shower all I use is a refill bottle of Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash for everything including my hair. It does a great job. I use Dove “Beauty Bar” when just washing my hands and face in the […]

Karen, Palmerston North.

Shampoo is expensive – we tend to use twice as much as we need to. Because we apply it to one spot on the crown of the head, the hair there can become damaged and break. I now spread a surprisingly small amount of shampoo between the palms of my hands, then apply to the […]

C, Auckland

I cut plastic hand cream bottles in half and it is amazing how much is still left in the container that a ‘pump’ will not let you have (I always get a couple of weeks worth from the cut open bottle). Likewise with plastic make up foundation/concealer creams etc – it always keeps me going […]

Vicki, Waihi

When I have used about a third of my bottles of shampoo and conditioner, I top them up with water, shaking to mix them well. You will notice very little difference in the consistency of the liquid, and it lasts heaps longer! I have been doing this for more than thirty years now. And it […]

SandyA, Auckland

This is a trick I learnt when I was tired of paying for haircutting. I have long hair (just above my waist) and when I want to trim it, I just get a hair tie and scissors. I lean forward and brush all hair forward and put it in a ponytail. I then pull the […]

Reader, Masterton

I wash my hair with Sunlight soap. Where it was becoming very coarse and straight with commercial shampoo, it now gleams and is soft to the touch. I no longer need to use conditioner either. So cheap and good!

Pip, Nelson.

By using hand towels and small sized bath towels when you have children you are still able to change them often but don’t have as many loads to do because you can fit more of them into the machine. After a shower or bath you can hang all the wet towels (not dirty ones!) on […]