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Thirties Depression Baby, Auckland.

Most bulk stores and supermarkets sell washing soda but if you live in a small town with only one store, mobilize your friends and get everyone to urge your local store to stock it. If enough customers ask for a product, the store is sure to respond. An excellent alternative for cleaning burnt pots is […]

Miriam, Kaitaia.

I use straight washing soda or soda ash in my washing machine – it works really well and is very reasonably priced. For my dishwasher I use washing soda and baking soda and citric acid with a white vinegar rinse aid. They both work really well.

Removing ball point pen ink?

Annette from New Plymouth has a question about an all-too common problem. “Have you any ideas what takes ball point pen off wall paper (small child drawing!)”. Steph from Tauranga suggested, “To get ball point pen off walls, spray hair spray onto it then wipe off – works every time!” KS from Morrinsville wrote, “Try […]

Douglas, Featherston.

If you are like me and by yourself, vacuuming under the bed is difficult. Here is a tip. Get the scissor jack out of the car and use it to lift up the bed. Lift, vacuum, put the jack back in the car – job done. Very easy. [Great idea Douglas, and a lot easier […]

Cleaning a toothbrush?

Wendy from Kapiti has this question about cleaning/ sterilising a toothbrush. “I have tried before the boiling water/soda and (I think) vinegar soaks but always seem to still end up with that strong “toothpasty” smell so it never quite feels as fresh as new. Any ideas guys? Thank-you.” I have found that if you fill […]

B.W., Auckland.

Toilet bowl cleaner. You need: 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 cup white vinegar. Combine ingredients, pour into clean container and let it set for a few minutes. Scrub with brush and rinse.

Brian, Tauranga.

Dishwasher powder makes an excellent toilet cleaner. Place a tablespoon in a small bowl, add hot water to dissolve. Throw in toilet bowl and brush around. Leave 10 mins and flush!

L.M., Waikanae.

I use 10 drops of tea tree oil and water put into a spray bottle shake and you’re ready to go, tea tree oil is anti-fungal and antibacterial so I use it counter tops and hard surfaces.

TB, Blenheim.

Annoyed with unsightly stains around the base of your taps? It’s caused by calcium deposits in the water. An easy way to get the stain off is to wrap a piece of cloth soaked in vinegar around the tap, after a day or so the stain will wipe off. Its the acetic acid in the […]