Monthly Archives: October 2015

Cheap meals and burgers and curly chips

It’s busy times for oily raggers. The gardens will now be a hive of activity and some will be planning ahead for frugal summer meals. Last week Busy Mum from Wellington asked, “I am looking for low-cost recipes for a family of four, that can be made in next to no time.” J.O. from Christchurch […]

Chicken Week and more

It’s New Zealand Chicken Week so we thought we would mention a little about chickens and eggs. Well, actually, there’s no such thing as New Zealand Chicken Week that we know of so we thought we would create one – there are weeks for all sorts of things so we thought chickens should have one […]

Oily rag pet care

According to the New Zealand Pet Food Manufacturers Association, New Zealand’s pet ownership statistics are one of the highest in the world. They say, “68% of households own at least one companion animal, with a total pet population of 5 million, they outnumber people. Cats are New Zealand’s most popular pet with 48% percent of […]

Oily rag Friends of the Home

Jacqui from Block House Bay was rummaging recently and came across a bunch of old newsletters from ‘Friends of the Home’. They dated back to 1976, but since good oily rag ideas never age, this week we thought we would reproduce some of the tips from those newsletters. We will also be progressively posting them […]