Feasting off the smell of an oily rag

The secret to feasting off the smell of an oily rag is to eat well but without high cost. Our calculations show that a family can feast off the smell of an oily rag for about half the cost, without compromising the pleasure and nutritional value of their meals.

This post will include recipes for low cost, easy to make meals sent in by readers.

Cook books on line

cookbook1Edmond’s Cookery Book. The Edmonds Cookery Book started life in 1907 as a 50-page pamphlet of recipes promoting Thomas John Edmonds’ baking powder and jellies. The marketing ploy proved so successful that the second edition, in 1910, had a print run of 150,000. It is not known if any first editions survive, however some second editions do. Today, more than three million copies of the book have been sold. Click here >>>