Gaspy APP

Paul writes, “On the subject of motoring costs, a frugal traveller recently reported that they save quite a lot of money by shopping around for the petrol stations with the lowest fuel price. ‘I have found the Gull self-service stations the cheapest by far. On a recent trip to the Bay of Plenty we saved 8 cents a litre, and by being sensible on the accelerator I was able to achieve 5.8 litres per 100km in our 2000cc SUV. That worked out at about 10 cents a kilometre.’ ”

There is an app for mobile phones for this called “gaspy” its a kiwi bit of software using the GPS on your phone it shows the cheapest people near you and the distance from your current position to it.

Oily Rag Ed’ – Here’s a link here >>>. It’s a great APP!