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Cats poo!

Denise from Auckland has one of those common questions, you could say its a pet hate for many. “Can anyone give me a tip that works. I am so fed up of cats fouling around my home its got ridiculous its everywhere, deck, roof and under caravan under cars front door under windows. I am […]

Oily rag pet care

According to the New Zealand Pet Food Manufacturers Association, New Zealand’s pet ownership statistics are one of the highest in the world. They say, “68% of households own at least one companion animal, with a total pet population of 5 million, they outnumber people. Cats are New Zealand’s most popular pet with 48% percent of […]

Egg shells

A reader has asked what can be done with egg shells. We put that question to our oily rag research team and they came up with a surprisingly large number of uses and some interesting facts. An egg shell accounts for about 10% of its weight and is about 95% calcium carbonate? For years scientists […]


Free to a good home is the best way to “buy” pets. No need to waste money when so many pets are looking for good homes. (One word of warning for those offering pets free to a good home – make sue it is a good home and not on-sold.)


You don’t need to buy an expensive pet cage to carry a cat or small dog. An old wooden crate is good enough. Two washing baskets placed one upside down on top of the other would work equally as well. Hinge the sides with string ties.

J.M. Christchurch.

Forget a cat cage. Put you cat in a pillow case to transport. Secure the top. Keeps calmer as the don’t slide around and they can easily breath.


Getting a pet from the SPCA may cost more than a free to a go home animal but pets from the SPCA are already de-sexed (or come with discount for de-sexing) and have been vet checked and vaccinated already.