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Fred, Northland.

I have a birthday coming up so I redeemed $250 worth of credit card reward points for Farmers vouchers. I used some of those to buy clothing, which I have now given to my family to give to me so they don’t have to stress about presents (and I get to choose the gifts that […]

Know your rights and wrongs

There have been some significant changes to consumer protection law since we last wrote about it a few years back, so we thought it worth going over some of the more important things to know about the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA), which covers consumers buying from businesses – not from private sellers. The Act has […]

Junebug, Kapiti.

I find Pak N Save is really expensive compared to Countdown and New World especially when they have sale items. I have had trouble in the past with their ‘we will match it’ price guarantee so have never bothered trying it again. Should I try again?

Having a good haggle

Nearly everyone likes shopping around for a bargain and we all know people who will drive great distances to save 50c on a packet of sugar. But we reckon there’s another better way to save money, and it won’t cost anything in petrol – and that’s haggling. Although haggling is not part of the kiwi […]

M.M., Auckland.

Anyone who buys the dozen pack of eggs, just have a quick look at the price of the 1/2 dozen pack, as I always find you can save anywhere between 2 cents and 20 cents by buying two of the 1/2 dozen packs instead of one dozen pack.

Lorraine, Hamilton.

Non-perishables. I buy family packs and either break them down or store them. For example, toilet paper – instead of buying a 4-roll pack I’ll buy an 18-roll pack (saving $3.50 – or more if it’s on special) and so on.

Lorraine, Hamilton.

Loose brushed/unwashed potatoes are 40c per kg cheaper than washed potatoes at my supermarket. I buy loose brushed potatoes once a fortnight but mostly eat brown rice now as it is about half the price of a potato per serve. I take the potatoes home, wash them all at once, dry them off and store […]

Lorraine, Hamilton.

I used to buy a 1 litre carton of milk each week. Now I buy a 2 L container of milk fortnightly and freeze a litre. The simple approach saves $1.20. Not a lot of money but as food prices rise all the time, it helps.

Shopping for your pantry

This idea on how to stock up your pantry was originally given to us by a reader. On each shopping expedition she would buy one extra item. She made sure that the something extra that she bought was a heavily discounted special – something that was a real bargain. It could be anything from a […]