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Plingie, Christchurch.

Car seats can be expensive! Instead of buying a capsule, then toddler seat then booster, the best seat I have found is the Cosco Scenera. It goes from birth to 18kgs and can rear face till 16kgs, meaning baby/toddler can travel rear facing (and safer) for longer! Plus…it’s only about $150!


Sometimes it is better value to rent a vehicle than take your own, especially if your vehicle is an older one. You get an almost new vehicle to use, it will probably be cheaper to run petrol-wise, more comfortable to drive, and you get no wear and tear on your own car. By shopping around […]

BF, Hastings.

The cost of replacing a security coded car key can be substantial especially if the car security system needs to be re-coded. I have placed a small tag on my key ring with my cell phone number on it and an offer of a reward to someone who finds and returns it. This has “saved” […]

Unkillable Toyota

The NZ Herald has a fun story about a one-owner Toyota Hilux that has 1,200,000 km on the clock. The owner says, “The original engine has never had the head off and the gearbox and differential have never come out. However, the radiator was replaced about 200,000 km ago.” He said the secret was changing the […]

P.L., Auckland

It’s possible to cut travel costs and enjoy driving free rental cars and campervans in New Zealand by checking out the online transfer deals. Most of the time drivers also receive a free tank of petrol! How does this work? Rental car companies need to reposition their fleet for new hires and usually spend large […]

Frugal and safe motoring

For most people holidays involve travel. It’s therefore an appropriate time to remind motorists that safe driving also makes financial sense.   We have done some number crunching using the latest motor vehicle operating cost report. This is what we found.   The cost of owning a vehicle (ignoring any interest cost or lost income […]