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• When drilling on a slippery surface, place on a strip of tape, such as masking tape, on the surface to prevent the bit from slipping. • A strip of masking tape along the cut line will prevent plywood from splitting. • Dip the tip of screws and nails into a bar of soap. They […]

Rene, Brooklyn.

Youtube has literally thousands of “DIY” uploaded videos on how to fix any house/car problem-plumbing, electrical, mechanical etc etc. The great thing about this is you get to watch a guy/woman show you step by step. Just use the search term & your bound to find what you want! I used it to show me […]


Thanks to my resourceful husband, I have just saved up to $60 on the cost of a new cutlery basket for my dishwasher. My old cutlery basket was badly damaged, with large holes mostly caused by sharp knives. I was shocked to discover that a replacement basket was not only difficult to source, but could […]

Happy Harry, Whangarei.

I was buying some nails at Bunnings the other day. I needed 2000 (it was a big handyman job!) so I bought 2 boxes of 1000 each. The friendly chap at the counter asked if I had looked at the price of buying 3000 instead. I hadn’t so he went to the isle to check […]

A.M., Wairarapa.

Make sure that you only DIY within your capabilities! I am an industrial electrician, mother, strict budgeter and long-timer oily-ragger, however, I get nervous when I see people cutting corners, risking their future financial stability and well-being to save a few bob in the short term! I’ve seen some lethal situations waiting to happen. The […]

Reader, Masterton.

I collect wooden pallets (they are free!). I have managed to fence of the back third of the section for my chickens, and my vegetable patch is fenced to keep out the dogs and chickens. These fences now provide lots of vertical areas for me to grow climbers. I tie them together with old stockings […]

Canny Scot, Christchurch.

Make use of your fences. I have a 392m2 section which includes a 60 metre drive but I have managed to grow 56 varieties of edibles this year. Get plastic trellis and attach it to your fences and grow beans, peas, boysenberries, blackberries, cucumbers, snow peas, etc. They don’t all need full sun just warm […]

Pamdelilah, Christchurch.

Too keep away the winter chills here is a tip for a DIY heater. You will need some tea light candles, a bread baking tin, and two ceramic flowerpots! The tea lights (up to four) are placed into a bread loaf baking tin then covered with the smaller upside-down flower pot so the pot sits […]

S.J., Dunedin.

If your seal has started to go on your fridge simply change the direction the door opens. Most of them are able to be adjusted to the other side for left or right handed opening. Our fridge seal needed replaced at the cost of $120. I asked hubby to try this idea first and it […]

Staining trellis?

Carolyn from Napier has this question. “I have a query regarding staining wooden trellis work. I have extensive wooden trellis sections that I applied a commercial stain to about 8 years ago, costing many dollars! Would anyone know of a ‘home-spun’ method, perhaps using a household oil like linseed or something else? I would be […]