S.J., Dunedin.

If your seal has started to go on your fridge simply change the direction the door opens. Most of them are able to be adjusted to the other side for left or right handed opening. Our fridge seal needed replaced at the cost of $120. I asked hubby to try this idea first and it worked. Door has excellent suction and closes fine.

Margaret Hore from Tauranga says, “I would like to inform SJ Dunedin that changing her Fridge door from right to left may help her seal, but the modern day fridges come with right hand door openings and unless you order a left hand door opening fridge from the factory, it costs $400.00 to change it.  I have experienced it.”

L.M., Te Puke says, “While changing our fridge door from left opening to right opening, as suggested by S.J. of Dunedin, I discovered that the bottom of the door is an exact copy of the top, therefore (hopefully) should be able to be turned upside, down giving the seals 2 more lives when they start going again.”