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A.G., Christchurch.

I just saw your column in The Star, mentioning bubble wrap for window insulation. The contributor recommended sticking the wrap to the window with a little water. I tried that, but found it fiddly. They also mentioned stationery stores as a source for bubble wrap, but if you buy it there you’re paying over 4 […]

Lisa, Whakatane.

In response to your article about keeping warm in winter I would like to share my enthusiasm for bubble wrap. It simply sticks on a window with a little water. It is amazing what a big difference it makes to the temperature in the house. If your lucky you can find free bubble wrap (some […]

Norelle Owen, Christchurch.

Adding to the bubble wrap phenomenon, we bought a huge 30 metre roll of bubble wrap for $16.00 at Mitre10 Mega along with foam tape for lining the window joins in our damp, draughty rental. Apparently the demand for bubble wrap has been overwhelming. Kiwi ingenuity at it’s very best!

Jess, Community Energy Action, Christchurch.

Do-it-Yourself window insulation is available through Community Energy Action. It starts from $29 and can be as effective as retrofit double glazing in reducing heat loss and condensation. It will help keep your home warmer and healthier for a fraction of the cost of double glazing! [Check them out on their website,; they are […]

Space heating tips

Oily rag ed – It costs plenty to heat the air in your home, so don’t waste it. In colder climates the winter heating bill can be horrendous. Just under half (42% on average to be exact) of all household heat is lost through the ceiling, so insulate this first. Many older homes have no […]

Canny Scot, Christchurch.

I have a heat pump but it does not cost me much to run as I also have a DVS which blows the warm air from the roof space down to dry and warm my home. I also have a solar panel to heat the water. My bill averages $80 over the year, last one […]

K.W., Romahapa.

We have recently lined the existing curtains in our house with new woollen blankets from the army surplus shop. The blankets are folded double and stitched together making an open ended bag which is then attached to the curtain at the top so that the completed article consists of three layers, being the original curtain […]

Ed, Wanganui.

Do you have an unused open fireplace? Get a couple of supermarket shopping bags and fill them with crumpled up newspaper, then stuff them into the chimney. A great way of insulating and if you want to use the fireplace just pull them out. [A word of warning: Do remember to remove the stuffing before […]

Niki, Christchurch.

I bought a great draught excluder yesterday. It’s double sided so you just slide it under the door and it stays there when you open or shut the door. Less than $10 from a local hardware store. Have noticed a huge difference – no more cold air on my feet in the evenings.