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Manawahe School, Whakatane.

Place seeds such as peas, beans, luffa, etc in warm water for two days then plant. We are having a gardening competition so we are looking for ideas like this. We will be judging in December and taking a bus around to see all the gardens.


Let kids save for their own college fund by encouraging them from a very early age to earn money by getting paid for what they enjoy doing! Our little boy who is now three loves dogs, so we offered to walk the neighbours’ dog for $5 a week. It makes us get out for exercise […]

Canny Scot, Christchurch.

Kids versus crusts! Some kids wont eat the hard ends of the bread so I pop them in my blender and make breadcrumbs with them then mix in a tablespoon of mixed herbs and a handful of grated cheese. Pop them in a strip seal bag and store in freezer then when you make shepherds […]

Plingie, Christchurch.

Car seats can be expensive! Instead of buying a capsule, then toddler seat then booster, the best seat I have found is the Cosco Scenera. It goes from birth to 18kgs and can rear face till 16kgs, meaning baby/toddler can travel rear facing (and safer) for longer! Plus…it’s only about $150!

Anyway, Whangarei.

I have six children (and counting), and have found that lots and lots of baby items that you buy are pretty much a waste of time. There is nothing that your baby will like better than being in your arms (rather than those gadgets). Front packs and beds are good, but apart from that, I […]


I have come up with the cheapest and most effective way to deal with messy baby spills! As the mother of a 16 month old, I was sick of cleaning the mess up after my son had been eating in his high chair. More food seemed to end up on the floor than go in […]


I saved heaps on recovering my son’s highchair. I was given a great highchair, but it had a cloth covered seat and as you can imagine, this was quite hard to keep clean as things would soak in before I could wipe them up. I decided to re-cover it but after checking out the price […]


My savvy sister has saved me heaps on buying baby bibs. As the proud single mum of a beautiful nine month old, I was finding the costs were really adding up! So my sister (who has three children of her own) came to the rescue. She used some old towels, cut them up and made […]


I made a Family Corner, at home, outside, from things bought from the Op’ Shop. From cupboards to pots, pans and tables. The children would set up shop with the containers/boxes out of the recycling bin.


Save milk bottle tops, old boxes, cardboard tubes, magazines, anything you can think of, then get out the glue and scissors and have great fun making things. Keeps my three year old busy for hours on rainy days.