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Thelomies, Hamilton.

I peel and then freeze over ripe bananas (I buy them cheaper when over ripe). Use the frozen nanas straight from the freezer – pop one into a blender with milk, peanut butter and some honey to make 2 big glass fulls. Whizz it all up into a delicious thick and ice-creamy milkshake – wonderful.

R.B., Masterton.

On the topic of bananas, our New World supermarket sells cooking bananas for $2 for a large bag. So I mash three to six together and put in a zip-lock plastic bag ready for a banana cake or muffins or both. Just thaw before using and hey presto, all is ready. Way too simple – […]

Going bananas

This week we go bananas, but before doing so, here are a couple of questions from readers that you may be able to help with – and a tip. Warren from Tauranga asks, “Does anyone know how to kill aphids on a swan plant bush, without killing the caterpillars?” If you can help out Warren, […]

Going bananas

Last week we sent out an SOS to the frugal community on behalf of Ruth from Taumarunui and Shelley from Kerikeri, who had asked about the best (that is the best value) place to buying essential oils. True to form, readers came to the rescue. Selina from Walton recommends this. “I buy bulk essential oils […]

Thirties Depression Baby, Auckland

What to do with lots of bananas. Process peeled bananas which are not too ripe in the blender with very little soy milk until of ice cream consistency and store in small containers in the freezer. (Being allergic to dairy I have not tried using milk.) My home grown bananas, plentiful this season, are quite […]