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Couch surfing

Did you know there is a network of couch swappers? There were in fact 3950 couches available in New Zealand at the time of this posting! It works a bit like a social networking site. You put up your profile, say you have a couch available, and people make contact and sleep on your couch […]

Mean Girl, Hastings.

School Holidays… Can’t afford a school holiday programme? Then get together with friends and start your own. If you can only get one day a week off work, then get your mates to do the same thing, (different days), and drop your kids at the appropriate house with their packed lunch. Arrange between yourselves different […]

N.W., Waverley.

If you are camping or don’t have a clothes dryer, there is enough heat in your car on a sunny day to just finish drying out clothes not quite dry. Leave one car window a little open.

Jayne, Christchurch.

We love camping but with not having a fridge I was finding it really hard to keep everything cold in the chilly bin. The slicker pads are good for a picnic for a day but not really for much longer. I have now found a way to keep a chilly bin and contents cold for […]

Ripped off, Auckland

My wife and I treated ourselves to the F1 racing in Melbourne. Not being familiar with Melbourne we booked a package deal through a travel agent, which essentially was a company that takes groups to sporting events. We calculated the cost of the package was twice what it would have cost had we flown to […]


My husband and I recent went on a week’s holiday (from our oily rag savings!) to the Pacific Islands. Our travel agent quoted $110 for travel insurance, but we booked the same cover online for $91. We also made savings by booking our accommodation online. The best deal our agent could do was $220 a […]


Some friends have parked their car in Auckland at Park N Fly ( for $5 a day. Air NZ had a free car parking deal for those flying to Australia. (Some motels in the airport area offer unlimited free car parking and airport transfers for those staying a minimum of one night – that’s a […]