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Gift cards

A reader from Whangarei writes, “I am pleased some major retailers are going to eliminate the expiry date on gift cards. In August 2014 I was given a Palmers gift card. I have used it occasionally but when I tried to use it last week they said it had expired and my remaining credit was […]

Cherie, Ohope.

Timebanks and LETS (local energy transfer system) are excellent groups to join to help live more prosperously without money (or certainly with a lot less money)… We have Eastbay Timebank in Whakatane and surrounding areas…. Google for your local one.

Happily Retired, Rotorua.

Dont buy it if you havent got the money saved. Then concider is it a Want or Need? You will appreciate it more if you need to wait. You never know it may be On Sale when the time comes. Bonus!!

Oily Rag attitude

This week we are going to do some living off the smell of an oily rag revision, by looking at the most important things you can do to build a savings nest-egg. First, let’s review why it’s important to save. In a word – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. OK, while that’s more […]

Frugality the path to prosperity

The NZ Herald recently ran an interesting article about a young lady from Auckland, who despite the stories of housing un-affordability has, at the age of just 24, managed to own a property in Auckland and a batch in Pauanui. How did she do that? “…it wasn’t having rich parents that got her there – […]

Peter & Robyn.

I think the only way to prepare for each Xmas is to put some money away each week, fortnight or whatever and try NOT to use it during the year. It makes things so much easier and not so stressful. Buy presents during the year but it this doesn’t happen put a limit on each […]

Mortgage repayments

The general principle is to repay as much as you can as often as you can. • Use windfall gains to make lump sum repayments (e.g. an inheritance, the sale of a second vehicle, an unused boat or caravan, etc). • Have a coin tin. If you are collecting coins at a rate of $20 […]

Reader, Masterton.

To keep making improvements in my “Oily Rag” lifestyle I set goals. It might be trying to cut out the grocery shopping once a month. Or saving power so I can afford to attach the wetback. Or filling my woodshed with free wood so I can save $500 by not having to buy it. Or […]

Money tips

Pay bills on time and if there is a discount for early repayment then take advantage of it. Don’t get behind on your power and telephone to avoid disconnection and re-connection charges.   Avoid the temptation to buy on tick. This applies especially to motor vehicles, furniture, clothes, holidays and hobbies. It’s bad enough that […]