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Lofty, Kapiti Coast.

We have 4 Adult children and to spread the Xmas budget we have a roster that we work on. Year 1 A buys for B. Yr2 A buys for C. Yr3 A buys for D Yr 4. A buys for E. This roster rotates each year so every 5th year it starts again. A MAX […]

Cost-free Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, we have ventured into the oily rag archives and dug out some favourite ideas and tips to take the cost out of our special day. The trick of course is to enjoy all of the good things about Christmas and the holiday season, but to do so in a […]

Rosie Dee, Whangarei.

I’m sure regular oily raggers already know this but yesterday I bought two meaty chicken frames from our local mad butcher for $1.98 ($2.50kg) With the addition of some left-over veges, seasoning and a 69c tin crushed tomatoes, 2 cups of mixed dried beans from bin inn – estimated total cost less than $5 I’ve […]

Angela Allan

At Christmas time I always cut circles out of plastic milk bottles and use them as gift tags. They look like bubbles and if you add a little glitter and hole punch and thread ribbon through they are fab! Use a permanent marker for the name.

Egg shells

A reader has asked what can be done with egg shells. We put that question to our oily rag research team and they came up with a surprisingly large number of uses and some interesting facts. An egg shell accounts for about 10% of its weight and is about 95% calcium carbonate? For years scientists […]

Canny Scot, Christchurch

Last year I made pickles and chutney and made nice home made labels for them on my computer. I wrapped each jar in bright red or green new tea towels and tied them with ribbon. My friends seemed well pleased with them and if you make a few extra they come in handy for gifts […]

Ranat, Christchurch.

Christmas sweets. If you make uncooked slices, instead of spreading it flat – roll in balls and coat with coconut – Truffles. For gifts put about 6 in the containers you get from supermarket deli sections. Some supermarkets will sell them for a nominal cost.

Andrea, Te Puke.

Christmas ideas. Print out a snowflake template from internet. Trace it onto an old plastic milk bottle, cut it out, decorate with glitter, buttons, beads etc and then glue a child’s photo to the centre, punch a hole, add ribbon and you have a gorgeous personalised ornament to hang on your tree or a grandparents […]

LM, Paraparaumu.

A lot of my Xmas gifts came from dollar stores. No one needs to know the price. I bought men’s and women’s perfume for only $6. It was well worth my time and money when you are on very tight budget.

Reader, Whangarei.

We are having a “make it” Xmas. One lucky family of relatives will be receiving a custom-made chicken coop made from left-over building materials. It features Ritz style nesting boxes and perches to cater for every rung on the pecking order.