Monthly Archives: January 2016

Sugar free jam?

We are trying to remove sugar from our diet and last year I tried making jam using DEXTROSE (Powdered Glucose) instead of sugar – problem. Until the Jelly jam was opened it was good, but…. after a couple of day’s use the Dextrose became sugary and seemed to get worse when I put the jar […]

Lofty, Kapiti Coast.

We have 4 Adult children and to spread the Xmas budget we have a roster that we work on. Year 1 A buys for B. Yr2 A buys for C. Yr3 A buys for D Yr 4. A buys for E. This roster rotates each year so every 5th year it starts again. A MAX […]

Karen, Palmerston North

My quite expensive (although bought on sale, of course!) pillows had flattened with use. I bought 1 metre of 1.5 wide dacron (the pillow was filled with this) for $5.95, cut it in half and wrapped 2 pillow inners, replaced the zipped covers and then pillowcases. Good as new! When they do eventually need replacing, […]

Frugal summer treats

It’s that time of the year when oily rag gardeners are being rewarded with barrow loads of fresh and nutritious produce. The problem for many will be finding ways to use the bounty – but it’s a good problem to have because the oily rag community has lots of ideas for summer treats using in-season […]