Monthly Archives: April 2017

Pizza pandemonium

Pizza has recently been a prime topic of political debate! It seems to have started when the Labour Party’s Leader and new Deputy Leader revealed that they chatted about pizza toppings, with the Leader disclosing that he doesn’t like pineapple on pizza because he thinks it makes the base go soggy. Madam Deputy Leader agreed […]

Budgeting system

Sue from Auckland writes about her budgeting system. To make sure all expenses are prepared for, I have separate bank accounts for different purposes – eg power, groceries, car, education, gifts, fun, etc (12 accounts in total). Every week at payday I put the calculated weekly expense of each category (averaged across the whole year) […]


Sue from Auckland writes, To save money on chicken, I buy a whole fresh chicken and cut it into pieces myself. This costs about the same as two chicken breasts, but you get all the other parts of the chicken too for other meals.  

Debt help

Hilary from Whangarei has this tip: Christians Against Poverty  Debt help is free and for everyone. They have centres in various parts of the country and will help with every area of debt, including severe debt and budgeting.  

Mortgage payments

Lyn from Hamilton writes, making mortgage repayments 4 weekly rather than be a calendar month, cuts both the term of the mortgage and the cost of it dramatically.

Winter duve

Gaynor from Paraparaumu has this tip to share: – Instead of buying a winter duvet, buy a 2nd summer one & use both in winter.

Milk powder

Gaynor from Paraparaumu has this tip to share: – Always buy powdered (skim) milk. Cheaper, less to carry home, no bottles to dispose of. In winter cows are dry so milk is reconstituted.