Anne, Christchurch.

I have a lightweight polar fleece throw rug that’s sometimes on my bed, or on the couch – or on the floor. One night I was cold in bed, but I didn’t want to get out of bed to find another blanket or fill a hottie. Instead, I dragged the throw into the bed with me and sort of cocooned myself in it. It was amazingly effective — I warmed up in a minute or two and stayed cosy all night. I think it works because my body heat is trapped really close to my body instead of having to warm the whole bed – I certainly notice a difference in temperature in the rest of the bed. I’ve also found that if I drag the fleece blanket from on top of the bed to between the sheets, I’m warmer. If you’re cold in bed and you have a fleece throw, try it. And if you’re cold but have no more blankets to put on the bed, try putting one of the blankets between the sheets instead.