T.B., Palmerston North.

If you have the space available, a great place for collecting your kitchen scraps is in the top draw! If your cutting board is above a utensil draw, move these utensils and create a compost draw. Of course you will need a plastic container to put the scraps into. A long shallow dish works best(similar to a kitty litter tray) but whatever fits. We are using a old ice cream container at the moment. My mum taught me this. So handy when tidying up the left overs on the cutting board – open draw and sweep in. Does need to be cleared regularly so scraps don’t end up jamming against the top of the draw. Also helps to line draw with newspaper in case of any spills… Hides the unsightly piles of scraps in the corner of your kitchen as well. (My other half has taken to using newspaper to line the plastic container as well to save him rinsing constantly.)