M, Masterton.

I recycle my urine and use it on lemons, Brassica’s and other plants where you want good leafy growth.

[Not a tip that will suit everyone, especially one where the neighbours get a good view of your garden, but for those who have not turned away at the thought, here are some facts to think about:

Urine is 95 per cent water, 2.5 per cent of which is urea, and a further 2.5 per cent of which is a mixture of minerals, salts, hormones and enzymes.

It may be poured undiluted into a compost heap to accelerate the composting process, as well as adding nutrients. When using directly on plants the recommended dilution rates are about one part urine to ten parts water for garden plants and one to thirty for pot plants. Undiluted is OK for trees, shrubs and lawns. – Oily Rag Ed’]