Caroline, Wanganui.

Often our favourite chives die down in the winter and we miss that yummy flavour in our meals. So why not use onion weed instead? It’s a similar but different flavour, yummy yet mild – and prolific in winter.

Most people have it in the back yard and treat it as a nuisance weed. Enjoy it in your meals instead. Anywhere you’d use chives, you can use onion weed, finely chopped. Here’s a few suggestions for a quick winter meal:

• in scrambled egg or omelette.
• with grilled cheese on toast or in a cheese and onion sandwich – toasted or plain.
• in egg sandwiches.
• in mashed potatoes (with lots of butter and zap of white or black pepper).
• on hot toast with avocado and lots of black pepper.
• in scones – add cheese if you like.