SWB, Auckland.

Many people think they can get good pocket money by delivering junk mail. THEY CAN’T! I did it for a few years and I wouldn’t pay young kids the hourly rate it works out at! And also it’s hard work!

If you live in an urban area ask your local real estate agent if they want circulars delivered. They tend to be a bit tight until you can satisfy them that you’re reliable but YOU set the pay rate, and if they don’t want to pay that much they can do it themselves.

Once you have a couple of regular clients, ask around local businesses for the same work, but tell them you’ll give them a cheaper rate to deliver in areas where you’re already going. I charge real estate agents $70/1000 flyers and have been told by 2 clients that I’m not charging enough!

Add-on work is $60/1000 which can give me a return of about $23/hr cash! and it keeps me fit and healthy so I’ll live longer. I’d kill myself trying to earn that much from a junk mail company – their average is about $4/hr overall.