Letterbox invaders

Warren asks, “Our mailbox has been invaded by snails and ants eating our mail – fine for the bills, but not so good for the cheques! Does anyone have a non-toxic solution as grandchildren clear our mail.”


  • Oily Rag Ed' says:

    No ant problem here by mail eaten by snails over the last few weeks is no joke! Our neighbour suggested lining the letterbox with vinyl /lino; something slippery. They do this and it works. I have been innovative and used a plastic letter file cover (A4 size). Both solutions are non-toxic. – Carol, Paraparaumu.

  • Oily Rag Ed' says:

    H.M.W from Waiheke Island has this solution. “Easy as! Just sprinkle baking soda. They hate it and will move on immediately. Also non-toxic and cheap.”

  • Oily Rag Ed' says:

    Elizabeth of Tramore from Whangarei writes, “We used to get our mail eaten by the blighters and it all stopped when we put mothballs in the box. The mothballs disappear over time and have to be replaced but it got rid of ants too!”

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