For years I have been making gifts for my family and getting ideas from others. these include; oven gloves, pot-plants, photo frames (either make your own or do up an old one from a garage sale or second hand shop, with a nice family photo in it), homemade body or cleaning products (good ideas in library books), sewn handbags or pillowcases, homemade lollies, drawer, wardrobe and shoe sachets to keep clothes and shoes smelling fresh, garden signs, decorated notepaper or handmade paper and notebooks (get a made or brought plain notebook like a school or office one for a few dollars from paper plus etc, and cover neatly with nice material), card sets (make nice all occasion cards and envelopes, and put in a nice box), jewellery from old beads, buttons and wire etc. The list goes on, and I find it real fun to think of and make presents for people, especially useful ones.