Lynne, Dunedin.

I have lived the oily rag existence out of necessity. My husband left me and took our life savings. I had to exist on a benefit which I just hated but ill health has left me unable to work again. My biggest savings came from buying nearly everything from our local hospice shop and local second hand shops. I have bought everything from clothing to gifts for my family from these shops and I really enjoy buying from them or having a sniff around. Unfortunately they don’t sell food but by buying home brands or things on special and a very careful shopping list I can still manage to save money from my benefit. As well I save all gold coins in my purse left over from shopping trips. It is surprising how fast it grows. I put them all into a tin I have and last year alone the amount came to $3000. It was money I never missed at the time, and the money saved I put towards a lovely holiday with friends. They just could not believe I had a holiday with the savings I had made from gold coins. Already this year I have saved $250 so it can be done.