Feeding birds?

Billy from Otaki has this question. “I love feeding the birds and now that my friends (wax eyes & tui’s) have left home & gone bush I am left with blackbirds, thrushes, sparrows, finches etc who at the moment all have babies. That is fine except for the fact the starlings who have made home in next doors roof are taking over and eating everything I put out for the others. Does anybody have any idea on how to get rid of these pesky birds?”



  • waitepapa@yahoo.com says:

    I also feed most birds where I live in Morrinsville. Throughout winter I fed wax eyes and other native birds fat, seeds and fruits. Now it’s hot I feed the birds fruits only. I find the starlings, finches and sparrows don’t bother with banana or apple and strawberry bits. I also feed the thrushes and blackbirds any snails and slugs I can find. Bread is not an option to feed as it attracts Indian Mynas and sparrows – both noisy throughout summer.

  • Al says:

    As a retired veterinarian it disturbs me reading about bird feeding in the backyard. This is not natural for the birds. They should be left to fend for themselves in nature. They also get fed foods that are not natural for their species. You are providing the equivalent of social welfare and probably condemning them to a shorter (unhealthy) life.

    One other fact is that by encouraging them around urban ares you are exposing them to predators.

    Go to the bush or a sanctuary to hear them – their tunes are better in those surroundings.

  • kwkevlights061@gmail.com says:

    to feed only the small birds put the feed in a small bird house hang it from a wire on a branch ,(the small house shaped feeders with a dowel for the bird to sit on); with the feed in the house ,hang the feeder from a branch with a light weight wire ;if you do it correct, the little birds can feed but the bigger heaver birds will over balance and tip /fall off the dowel.

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