• Oily Rag Ed' says:

    Ruth from Pahiatua has a response for LCL of Hauraki who was asking about a sweetener to use instead of sugar in jam-making for diabetics. Ruth has suggested Sugromax: “It’s stable at high temperatures, making it ideal for baking, preserving and general cooking.”

    LCL may also like to have a look at the diabetes.org.nz website, which says, “In New Zealand there are five common non-nutritive sweeteners (the figures in brackets are the additive numbers): Aspartame (951) sold as Equal; Acesulfame-K (950); Cyclamate (952) and Saccharin (954) sold as Sucaryl and Sugromax (saccharin and cyclamate mixed); and Sucralose (955) which is Splenda.” Health warnings apply in some cases, so please do visit their site for more information.

  • Oily Rag Ed' says:

    LCL from Hauraki could investigate the possible use of Stevia. This is a natural product which is becoming increasingly well known. I think it comes from South America. Given that Diabetes is such a serious condition , check with experts before use. – E T. from Canterbury.

  • LCL from Hauraki can add any liquid sweetener, but the jam will not set…. so add some gelatine at the end of cooking. If you are making Marmalade… add Lime Jelly… spread thinly ‘cos the taste is delicious. Given that, add suitable Jelly as a quick setting agent (‘cos the pectin doesn’t work without sugar)

  • Hubby is a diabetic, and whilst I have not made jam, I bake for him using granulated Splenda. It is spoon for spoon the same as sugar. I did make some jam using Low GI sugar, and whilst not ideal for a diabetic, it meant he could have a little jam just occasionally.

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