Buying meat

Denise from Auckland explains how she cost down on the cost of meat. “Think differently when it comes to buying meat. When visiting a supermarket don’t look at the price of the item but how much per kg. You can pay $16.00 for sausages and $10.00 a kg for Beef. Buy a piece of meat i.e. a beef Bolar. From that one piece of meat you can cut it into: slices to slow roast in oven or slow cooker, small pieces and casserole, or mince it and make burgers. Same principle with Pork. You may need someone to show you how to cut correctly but it’s worth finding out and save yourself money and eat well. Maybe your friendly butcher will show you how to cut. I never buy chicken pieces but a whole chicken. From one chicken you can make from the breast butter chicken, or schnitzels, or pan friend. Legs can be slow cooked, or fried, wings Chinese style. The frame can be cooked with onions, carrots and celery left overnight skim the fat, retain the meat and veges add a can of cream style corn and make chicken sweetcorn soup or add extra veges and make a chicken vege soup. If you buy a fresh chicken you can then freeze the stock for another time. If you don’t have a mincer either borrow or pool money with friends and buy together. Same with the meat sometimes it is an outlay to buy a medium to large piece of meat again pool with friends and distribute between you. Once you get the hang of it, recipes are limitless and you’re saving a heap of money and eating well.” Nice one Diane.