‘Ethnic’ stores

Caron from the Waikato has a tip for frugal shopping. “I discovered that I can make good savings by buying milk and yoghurt at my local ‘ethnic’ store: they have the best milk prices in my neighbourhood – if you buy 2. The same with 1-litre tubs of very good plain yoghurt. Next, I discovered they have frozen chicken frames – a pack of 2 for $2. In winter I make stock overnight in the slow cooker adding some black peppercorns and fresh herbs from the garden such as bay leaves, sage and parsley. I pour it through a colander to strain, then pick off any usable chicken meat to use as a base for soups. Then I spotted one kilo packs of good quality dates for an excellent price. They were not stoned, but when used for date scones and sticky date pudding it takes only a minute to remove the stones when I halve or chop them. I’m exploring other products in the store and find familiar ones that are much cheaper than the supermarket – including bulk baking ingredients.”