Growing heritage tomatoes

Caron from the Waikato writes,

Last Spring I bought an unusual yellow heritage tomato plant at a Farmer’s market. It grew very well and produced the most wonderful large bright yellow, delicious fruit.

I cut a thick slice from the last one, placed it on a paper towel and let it completely dry out on a windowsill.

Then I stored it in a labelled envelope in the hot water cupboard over winter.

A month ago I filled an empty margarine tub with seed raising mix (pierce some drainage holes first). I put the piece of paper towel and seeds on top then I sprinkled more seed raising mix to lightly cover. I kept it moist but not too wet and it took more than 2 weeks in a sunny windowsill to germinate but every seed did! I have just potted up 25 plants to share with my friends & family.