Citrus juice

Peedeenz from Hastings writes,

To get a better tasting citrus juice, do not – or try not to – get the oil from the skin in the juice. This is the stuff that they make into the citrus cleaner and is quite bitter. Next time you peel an orange or lemon, squeeze a bit of peel and you’ll see a fine mist spray from the skin. This is limonene. It is quite flammable and can soften adhesives used to attach jar labels. If you are courageous, gingerly taste it… yuck! It takes a lot of sugar to disguise its taste, so don’t include it. Either peel the fruit if you use a press or wash it off your hands after ‘squeezing’ each fruit if you use a lemon squeezer. The time spent doing either will give you a healthier juice and save you money on unnecessary sugar.