Good gardening

John from Northland writes:

I gather seaweed from a local beach. It gets washed up in big tides so it’s easy to collect. We had so much of it that I just dumped it in a pile in a place that was easy to get to with my trailer.

This weekend I have been preparing my raised garden beds – daylight saving weekend is the start of the new season for us. This year I have enriched the soil with what is now very black and rich composted seaweed. It’s a super-soil and we will be guaranteed health plants and lots of fresh veges. We love fresh salads, especially with fresh fish (less than one hour from the sea to the kitchen table!).

We also have a very large and expanding orchard that gets a good helping of seaweed during the year – apricots, apples, plums, peaches, apples, citrus, guava, and more. That means we have fresh fruit for much of the year.