Annette, Marlborough Sounds.

In the reserve nearby we collect lost of figs. I pickle them. They can be served as a dessert with whipped cream OR with cold meat, OR with cheeses, which is my favourite.( I make my own cheese.) To pickle the figs you need: 3 cups red wine vinegar, 1 kg brown or raw sugar, 2 tablespoons cloves, 1 tablespoon crushed ginger, 4 kg figs (firm). Bring all ingredients to the boil. Gently place the whole figs in bottling jars and top up with the liquid.


When ready to serve, I cut the figs I need into pieces and put them in a small shallow pan. I then slosh the pieces with red wine or elderberry (I make my own) and add 2 tablespoons brown sugar, then bring to the boil until it is think and sticky. Cool and serve with blue cheese and crackers or sourdough bread. Yum!


Because we live in Marlborough Sounds we make everything. Bread, cheese, salami, pickles, jam, fruit (preserves), wine, medicines. I can serve a banquet at very little cost.