Reader, Hamilton

Even the cheapest disposable nappies cost more than using cloth. With our 6th child nearly out of nappies now, we have estimated that we have saved $15,000 by using cloth nappies for all of our children.To wash a load of nappies costs about 20 cents per load and doing 3 loads per week brings it to a total of 60 cents. I buy washing powder on special always and use two level tablespoons per load ( front loader).The powder costs about 10 cents per load and the other 10 cents is for the heating of the water ( 30 degrees). Line dry or use drying racks in the winter and you save heaps of $$$$$. I have bought 4 dozen nappies over the years and have been given 4-5 dozen ( seconds). I use pins and plastic pants which I wash by hand- no nappy rash either. I have never bought a pull-up when toilet training. I just use trainer pants and when I go out I pop a cloth nappy on the child if I’m not feeling confident that the child will ‘hold-on’ or not. I agree cloth nappies do take more time, but really it’s not that much work. Imagine $15,000 off your mortgage!