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Rosie Dee, Whangarei.

I’m sure regular oily raggers already know this but yesterday I bought two meaty chicken frames from our local mad butcher for $1.98 ($2.50kg) With the addition of some left-over veges, seasoning and a 69c tin crushed tomatoes, 2 cups of mixed dried beans from bin inn – estimated total cost less than $5 I’ve […]

Chasing away the winter chill

As a big icy chill grips the country, oily raggers are adopting lots of creative ways to keep warm without high cost, but first some figures about sneaky heat. • Just under half (42% on average to be exact) of all household heat is lost through the ceiling. Modern homes are usually well insulated but […]

SWOT team

To combat pesky flies around the home, use sticky ozone-friendly flypaper, not sprays, or take up arms – and form a fly swot SWOT team. Engage in combat with those pesky flys.

Feasting off the smell of an oily rag

The secret to feasting off the smell of an oily rag is to eat well but without high cost. Our calculations show that a family can feast off the smell of an oily rag for about half the cost, without compromising the pleasure and nutritional value of their meals. This post will include recipes for […]


To reduce telephone costs, adopt a user pays principle. Have a note pad and timer next to your fine. Ask shareholders to record their toll calls. Parents will find this a sure way of minimizing the cost of adolescent telephone romances. [Or go to a telephone plan that has unlimited national calling! – Oily Rag […]

Work lunch

• Instead of buying a cut lunch at a cost of $8 a day, you make your own banquet at a cost of say $1.50. It takes you 15 minutes. The saving is $6.50, or $26 an hour. • Instead of buying coffee, take a flask of hot drink to work, or better still drink […]


What about this to make a few oily rag dollars: Throw on a uniform, fill a cane basket with fresh sandwiches, filled rolls, yoghurt, muffins and apples and you’re in business. Go door-to-door round office buildings offering the mouth-watering temptations – arrive just before morning tea or lunch. (Don’t forget to check out the local […]

Shopping for your pantry

This idea on how to stock up your pantry was originally given to us by a reader. On each shopping expedition she would buy one extra item. She made sure that the something extra that she bought was a heavily discounted special – something that was a real bargain. It could be anything from a […]