J.O. Christchurch.

For about 6 or 7 years I have been making my own greeting cards. I started by taking the insert out of the cards people had given to me, put a new one in and send them to someone else. Then someone was kind enough to give me off cuts from a printing firm and I cut out the front of the old greeting card and put it in the new card. And a school gave me photocopy paper, which had only been partly printed. Then friends started to give me their old cards and it has become a little cottage industry, with some people buying my cards. Then last year I heard you could make your own paper with torn up paper and water! So I bought a paper making kit and that’s what I do as a hobby! I still cut out old greeting cards and even have used stamps from envelopes to make an abstract design on the cards. After cutting inserts for the cards, I often have lots of scraps left over and that in turn gets used for making more pulp.