Jo, Christchurch

For a simple family meal there is nothing simpler than a mince stew. Hubby and I make one starting with browning the mince, adding spices that take your fancy, we also use a selection of sauces, and then we add every possible vegetable we can lay our hands on. Sometimes I use as many leftovers from the fridge that I can too. Most often we make a bulk pack of mince into almost 10 litres of stew with veges, and you can’t get much more economical than that. I also make up a 10 ltr pot of soup, staring with cheap soup bones, then soup mix and again, as many veges as I can fit in. Almost to stew consistency…but not quite. Both of these freeze well, and feed many for minimal outlay – minimal compared to some meat meals. Both are scrummy and good for you.