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J.O. Christchurch.

For about 6 or 7 years I have been making my own greeting cards. I started by taking the insert out of the cards people had given to me, put a new one in and send them to someone else. Then someone was kind enough to give me off cuts from a printing firm and […]

Mean Girl, Hastings.

Our wider family got together and decided to limit Christmas gifts to $2 per person. That way nobody is too disappointed when they don’t get anything flash. After all what do you expect $2? So what can you give for $2? •Photos with a message printed across them, from digital machines. • Photo frame, brought […]

SG, Wellington.

My daughter loves to give her teacher a gift each year. Not costly, around $10. However, this year, she decided that she wanted to give a gift to 3 other teachers and also those who care for her after school. I realised this was going to be too costly so made a batch of Russian […]

Canny Scot, Christchurch

Last year I made pickles and chutney and made nice home made labels for them on my computer. I wrapped each jar in bright red or green new tea towels and tied them with ribbon. My friends seemed well pleased with them and if you make a few extra they come in handy for gifts […]

LM, Paraparaumu.

A lot of my Xmas gifts came from dollar stores. No one needs to know the price. I brought men’s and women’s perfume for only $6. It was well worth my time and money when you are on very tight budget.

Sue, Christchurch.

For the last few years all the adult family members decided to enjoy the food, wine, and company for Xmas. The gift buying is only done for the children, grandchildren etc. That is what makes it a great day – watching their faces!


I bought two inexpensive pillowcases and have just finished embroidering a design on them. With the addition of a bit of lace, I have some pretty, personalised pillow cases for a Christmas present. I did the same with a plain tablecloth, which I found at an op’ shop, but this time I used fabric paint […]

C.S., Nelson.

Buy a cheap ($7) bunch of flowers from the supermarket; take it home, carefully undo it, and add flowers, ivy, small berry branches from your garden to the outside of the bunch. Wrap it again in the paper it came in with maybe a ribbon. You will end up with a spectacular bouquet that looks […]


For years I have been making gifts for my family and getting ideas from others. these include; oven gloves, pot-plants, photo frames (either make your own or do up an old one from a garage sale or second hand shop, with a nice family photo in it), homemade body or cleaning products (good ideas in […]